Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I decided to go ahead and post a bit earlier than I intended. For one thing, I probably won't be up very late tonight, and tomorrow morning, I'm going to be a little busy. I'll be alternately helping prep the meal, wrangling my child, watching the parade on the talking picture box, and bracing myself for the arrival of my sister and her sons (and most likely, her 2 teeny, tiny dogs)-no time for makey posty.

I'm not too keen on what Thanksgiving stands for, but I'm always willing to put my beliefs aside for some of my mom's turkey and dressing (I like to smoosh it together with cranberry sauce). Plus, I DO think it's a good idea to ponder (once a year, at least) the things that I'm grateful for, because on any other day, I'm too busy bitching about the things that I hate and consider a burden. The thing is, though, I don't know if I could come up with even 3 things I'm thankful for. Let's see.

1. My family, however insane and extremely annoying they can be, they're good people and I love them, and they love me (Yes, Harper is included in that statement-she can be more insane and more annoying than ANYONE, God bless her)

2. My friends. Actually, the same thing that I said about my family also applies to my friends (Yes, this also applies to you internet people, although the annoyance factor is diminished)

3. Lucidity. An odd thing to be thankful for, you say? Perhaps, but I am odd, and I am very happy being wide awake and fully aware of my suuroundings. S'nice.

Wow, I did manage to think of three things. Of course, on the flipside, there's something for me to bitch about this year: Midnight Express is not on tomorrow. I know, that seems to be a rather random thing to complain about, but I have watched that movie every year on Thanksgiving for the last 4 years, each year, it has been on television (why? hell, I don't know). I don't know why I care, frankly-I didn't like it that much. I guess the main reason I watched it, was because I was baffled that there was some program director out there that thought this was the perfect Thanksgiving tale (maybe it's allegorical: Family=Turkish prison, triptophans=hashish?). At any rate, now I gotta find a new tradition. I did some searching on the digital cable guide, and 3 movies popped out at me:



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Of those three films, I have two of them on DVD and video (probably not the two you think, either), so that might end up being a factor in what I choose, plus, one of them makes me cry (that one probably is the one you think it is), and I really don't feel like crying because of a movie. I also don't feel like being any more nauseus than I have to, so that disqualifies one of them. Then there's the fact that I watch one of them on a regular basis as it is...

Ugh. I can't wait for Christmas.

(PS-I gotta add a song to this post. One of-nay, THE-bestest show in the history of ever premiered on Thanksgiving 1988 (if you don't know what in hell I'm talking about, there's a GIGANTIC hint at the very begining of this post). Radio Blog doesn't have any songs associated with the show, not even the Man or Astroman cover of the theme song. But since I can't help but think about that show when I hear this song, I'm postin' the mo fo.)