Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photo of the Day

I'm not going to get into this mess too deeply on here. I have very specific opinions about this woman, but as I've said before, I like to keep things fairly light and fluffy on this blog and if I voiced those opinions it would get all heavy and...Matted. Or something. So yeah, I'm not gonna get into it. Be that as it may, this picture needs to be seen. Honestly, I felt a strange urge to put cocoa butter on MY stomach after I saw this.


I'm curious to see the "After" photo. I didn't get very big when I was pregnant with Harper, but even so, my stomach looked decidedly different just hours after giving birth. You know how latex balloons start to get all puckered and soft after they've been around for awhile? That was the state of my belly for a month or 2 and that was just with one child. I can't fathom what Octopussy's gut looks like after whelping an entire litter. I guess if she can mooch enough money to get her lips inflated, she can weasel some more dough for a tummy tuck. I swear to god this woman just...

No. No. I said I wasn't gonna get into it. I'm not. Light and fluffy, light and fluffy. I'm in my happy place. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Don't Listen to the Lyrics on That Last One..

That last post I made is kind of a bummer. Who'd think a post about someone dying accompanied by one of the most depressing scenes in movie history would be all melancholyfied? With that in mind I decided I should update and since I'm in a good mood (I know, right? Weird) some happy music would be in order. I'm so goshdarned thoughtful sometimes that it's sickening. For real though-ignore the lyrics on Holland 1945, otherwise this whole thing will all be for naught.

Friday, February 06, 2009


Character actor James Whitmore Passed away today at age 87. Those of you who haven't spent as much time watching old tv shows and movies as I have might be going "Who?", but I can assure you, you do know who he was. And if you don't: how the hell have you not seen this movie yet?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


This coming Sunday night/Monday morning, the puppies will be six weeks old. They're mobile, they can see and hear, Maggie has hit the "DO NOT WANT" stage so they're almost completely weaned and they've developed their little personalities. Sam is pretty easy-going and he doesn't so much walk as bounce. Eve is a little tub of lard that whines and whines if she so much as suspects someone is getting some sleep anywhere in the house. Oddly, I'm more partial to Evie. Anyway, they're growing up and will soon be finding new homes leaving me a broken husk of a woman. Oh how time flies, memories like the corners of my mind, sunrise, sunset, the cat's in the cradle and so on.

I've been making attempts to take plenty of photos of them, but it's hard because 1-I have a cheap-ass camera. 2-the little turd machines won't sit still long enough for me to take a clear picture of them. And 3-as is the case with all my dogs, when they do something cute and I run to fetch the camera, they stop whatever cute thing they were doing and either go to sleep, or disgrace themselves on my floor. And that stopped being cute about 3 weeks ago, except for last week when Eve was concentrating REALLY HARD while she was pooping and she lost her footing and fell right over. It was HILARIOUS.

I didn't get a picture of that, sadly, so you'll have to settle for these.

Sam isn't cross-eyed, this was taken shortly after their eyes opened and they hadn't started focusing yet:

Now I had to re-touch this one because it was overexposed (again: cheap-ass camera), but it was such a good picture of Evie's face, I'm putting it in.