Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rutting Netflix

I'm in a weird area of my life right now. On the plus side, Harper is doing well, my mom is recovering nicely from surgery and my neighbors-THOSE neighbors-are moving as I type this. On the downside, due to my mom's surgery, the fact that my nephew still hasn't moved out and my dad becoming the laziest man alive since he retired, I have oodles of household responsibilities now. Which is to say I have to do EVERYTHING in the house.

They leave their trash everywhere, and I have to pick it up and take it out. Their laundry, I do it, in addition to mine and Harper's. I have to tend to the pets, all ELEVEN of them. Clean the kitchen, do the floors, scrub the funk out of the toilet, dust, listen to everyone bitch and moan and stand by and watch as my spoiled nephew reduces our front yard to something out of Tobacco Road. It's not so much the chore-type stuff, it's the little things. If you finish off an entire can of Pringles, throw the fucking can in the fucking trash. Is it THAT hard? Really? Jesus Christ. It's legally my house now, but when that happened, I didn't realize that meant everyone else here would suddenly not give a shit anymore. Mercy.

As a reward for my endless work, I've managed to acquire a new bedspread (This here) and a badly needed new pair of sneakers (Them there). They're nice and all, but somehow they don't quite alleviate all of my stress.

Used to, when I reached my breaking point, I'd watch a movie and it would make me feel better. But lately I've come to realize that I'm in a film rut. I get all these movies from Netflix and half the time I send them back unwatched. The other half, I do watch them and can't even pay attention. The last movie I watched and thoroughly enjoyed, believe it or not, was Enchanted. And that was only because Harper was watching it in my room, otherwise I wouldn't have made it through it. Honestly, aside from that I don't think I've watched an entire movie in months. I still watch TV, mainly Scrubs reruns and my recent obsession, Corner Gas (Goddamn you.)

As much as I enjoy those shows, not to mention an endless supply of cartoons, I miss watching movies. This is where YOU people come in.

I need recommendations. I don't care the genre (except love stories-that's a big DO NOT WANT there), just any movies you guys like a lot. One thing though, I don't want any shitty movies. I like schlock as much as the next nerd, but what I'm looking for is a movie that will rock my face off.

Translation: I don't want 'good-bad' I want 'good-GOOD'.

I don't think I've ever asked for this kind of advice on here before, so just be sports and indulge me. I'll even sweeten the deal for you: if I pick your recommendation and I like it, I'll give you something. I don't know what, but I'll do my best to make it something tangible. That's only if I like it, though; if it sucks, I'll hunt you down like a dog and make you watch David Hassellhoff's "Hooked on a Feeling" video until your eyes bleed.

Get cracking and don't let me down, people.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gogol Bordello-'Start Wearing Purple'

This is stuck in my head hence, I'm posting it.

I'll try to get back to posting semi-regularly soon. Things are rather hectic for me right now, to put it mildly. Puppies, Harper's sick and my mom is having surgery tomorrow.

The good times are killing me.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


As I reported back at the beginning of February, my dogs Pepper and Patches became involved in a torrid affair. Patches was all of 6 months old at the time, while Pepper was around 4 and a half, which makes her a Beagle/Daschund/Cougar mix, apparently. Since Patches was so young, we hadn't had him fixed yet, as we were under the horribly mistaken illusion that he was too young to breed. We hadn't had Pepper fixed because up until that point, she hadn't been around any other males dogs for any length of time. We thought at one time she might be pregnant, but it turned out to be a false pregnancy, and not the last time, either.

Long story short: as of this writing, Patches' nads are a distant memory, and my bedroom is now a flophouse for 9 dogs: Pepper, Patches, Lily and Pepper's 6 puppies. They were born last Tuesday, and until yesterday, they along with Pepper were staying in Harper's room, which is also where they were born.

Pepper is a wonderful mother-for the first week, she didn't leave them except for very brief bathroom breaks. If anyone picked up one of the puppies, she'd flip her shit until they were returned to her side. Of course, a gal can only take so much and over the weekend, she decided that she missed being around her people, so I carted the whole bunch of them in here. Now she spends most of her time nursing, getting frequent belly rubs, begging for scraps and standing vigil against Lily and Patches. Lily and Patches have no ill will to the pups; aside from some curiousity, they don't pay much attention to them. But if they so much as darken Pepper's side of the room, she barks her head off.

I'm rambling a little, so I'll wrap it up. The reason I'm posting is because my sister came by today and took some pictures of the new family and I wanted to share them because they're just so darn cute I could plotz.

The proud Papa. He's grown quite a bit since the last time I posted about him:

Miss Thang:

Clockwise from left, Molly, Zach, Rory, Maggie, Gracie (middle) and Botwo:

Gracie and Rory:

Note Maggie, the chubby brown and white one in the middle. She's like that about 98% of the time:

I love this picture. The look on Pepper's face just says it all:

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I ruminated a good while on whether to post about this or not. I wasn't exactly a fan of his, and I'll admit that some of that had to do with his politics: I don't have anything against guns but come ON. In the end I decided that anything bad I think about him can't stand up to This.

Or This.


This was pretty good, too. Really underrated, sweet gem of a movie. So underrated that there's not even a trailer for it on YouTube. Seriously, it's really cute-if you ever find yourself in a sappy mood, check it out.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Actor Charlton Heston, whose chiseled features and commanding presence won him epic roles from Moses to Michelangelo, died on Saturday night at the age of 84, his family said.

The Oscar-winning Heston, a former president of the influential National Rifle Association lobbying group, died at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side, the family said in a statement.

Heston had announced in 2002 that he was suffering symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

"To his loving friends, colleagues and fans, we appreciate your heartfelt prayers and support. Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life," the family said.

"No one could ask for a fuller life than his. No man could have given more to his family, to his profession, and to his country. In his own words, 'I have lived such a wonderful life! I've lived enough for two people'," the statement added.

The family said a private memorial service would be held.

In his heyday, Heston's rugged features and conservative lifestyle seemed to belong to another age. As director Anthony Mann said: "Put a toga on him and he looks perfect." Frank Sinatra once joked: "That guy Heston has to watch it. If he's not careful, he'll get actors a good name."...

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