Sunday, April 06, 2008


I ruminated a good while on whether to post about this or not. I wasn't exactly a fan of his, and I'll admit that some of that had to do with his politics: I don't have anything against guns but come ON. In the end I decided that anything bad I think about him can't stand up to This.

Or This.


This was pretty good, too. Really underrated, sweet gem of a movie. So underrated that there's not even a trailer for it on YouTube. Seriously, it's really cute-if you ever find yourself in a sappy mood, check it out.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Actor Charlton Heston, whose chiseled features and commanding presence won him epic roles from Moses to Michelangelo, died on Saturday night at the age of 84, his family said.

The Oscar-winning Heston, a former president of the influential National Rifle Association lobbying group, died at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side, the family said in a statement.

Heston had announced in 2002 that he was suffering symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

"To his loving friends, colleagues and fans, we appreciate your heartfelt prayers and support. Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life," the family said.

"No one could ask for a fuller life than his. No man could have given more to his family, to his profession, and to his country. In his own words, 'I have lived such a wonderful life! I've lived enough for two people'," the statement added.

The family said a private memorial service would be held.

In his heyday, Heston's rugged features and conservative lifestyle seemed to belong to another age. As director Anthony Mann said: "Put a toga on him and he looks perfect." Frank Sinatra once joked: "That guy Heston has to watch it. If he's not careful, he'll get actors a good name."...

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