Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Come See the World's 2nd Largest Crater!


Hmmmm. Erm, so, well, last night, in the midst of the strongest sugar high in history, I decided to watch one last horror movie before taking a break from things scary and unseemly.

I watched Wolf Creek.

Wolf Creek follows Liz and Kristy, 2 British friends on holiday in the Australian Outback. They hook up with Ben, who is kind of a goofus ass, and they go on their merry way, road-tripping, and camping in some of the most gorgeous locales I've ever seen, on their way to Wolf Creek, home of the crater mentioned in the post title. Upon their return from seeing said crater, their car won't start, and eventually, an amiable, Crocodile Dundee-esque man named Mick comes to their aid. He says he'll tow the car to his place, fix it, and they can resume their travels.

He lies.

This is a viscious movie. For the first hour or so, nothing really happens, other than your usual twentysomething road trip shenanigans, and it lulls you into a false sense of security. However, once Liz wakes up bound and gagged, locked in a shed, things don't let up for one minute-it's just wall-to-wall torture. I'm sort of iffy on the subject of torture in horror movies. I'm more of a torment-chase-kill gal myself (in reference to FICTION, of course), and while I do not consider myself a wuss, I noticed that at one point, I was sitting wadded up in the chair, my knuckles white from clutching my knees. It's pretty gruesome stuff.

I've read several reviews for Wolf Creek-some positive, some negative-and the negative reviews always seem to have the word "Misogyny" somewhere in them. I don't know that I agree with that. Sure, the brunt of violence is reserved for the female characters, and without giving anything away, the film violates a long held rule of horror movies in terms of women. At the same time, though, you end up liking Liz and Kristy, and end up caring far more about their welfare than you do Ben, who is pretty much a useless individual, so I'm gonna vote 'no' on absolute sexism here (There is some, but no more that what you'd find in your average slasher flick).

I don't know that I liked Wolf Creek, or if I would recommend it, but it was pretty effective, scare-wise. Plus, again, the Australian landscape was really, really purty. Hell, I'd like to go one day, however I would probably avoid the crazed Outback murderers, and spend my time in Sydney, stalking Hugo Weaving, and flushing the toilet over and over again to watch the water swirl clockwise down the drain-I like to live life on the edge, don't you know?