Thursday, November 02, 2006

Harper's Bizarre

Ah hell.

I've been trying to keep this band's existence a secret from Harper, but I have failed. I knew what would happen if she heard them, and I was %100 correct.

The other night, in a fit of 90s nostalgia, I threw on If I Were a Carpenter, which is a collection of covers of Carpenters songs, done by a variety of talented, and not-so-talented artists. You see, I forgot about the presence of Shonen Knife on that CD. Harper heard their cover of On Top of the World, and she, quite frankly, lost her mind-there was bouncing off of walls, and endless hitting of the repeat button. I also made the mistake of informing her that I had MORE Shonen Knife CDs. I am a foolish, foolish woman.

Radio Blog apparently has more sense than I do, because they have no SK songs. I went to YouTube, and they had a little more to choose from, though not much. Oddly enough, what with the MASSIVE number of options I was given, I still couldn't decide between these 2, so I'm posting both-I'm a giver, I live to give.