Saturday, October 14, 2006

Your Experiment Today...

Once again I'm posting the saturday movie a bit early. So what? Is there a law saying it has to be done at a set time? I shun your laws and the men who make them, as I am a rebel (I am also VERY tired, and kinda sick-keep that in mind when you read whatever I may say in this post... Unless it's something really profound and brilliant, in which case, I meant to say it, and am in my right mind. Otherwise, I am mad with exhaustion and should be ignored at all costs). Saturday, I plan to sleep late, sit on my ass in front of the tv, and fade in and out of consciousness, and what that means is, I ain't a-gonna feel like postin' no movies tomorrow.

What are we watching this week?

I am posting a full-length MST3k episode today. Why? Because I just now noticed that Google has some of my favorites (and yes, eventually I will post those too-SUCK IT!), and also, it's a good way for those of you who don't know who That Guy is to get acquainted with him, and learn why some of us dig him (and his cohorts) so very, very much. See? Everyone benefits.

Also, no hints about the specific episode, because the only person who would know, would guess INSTANTLY, and then DEMAND a cookie. You know you would-don't lie.