Monday, October 16, 2006

Harper's Bizarre

It was suggested to me the other day by Jenner, that perhaps I should make use of my daughter's growing obsession with music, and make posting the songs she currently plays ad nauseum, a regular feature. Well, I happen to think that is a spiffy idea, so I'm running with it. I also thought that in honor of her first official gig as DJ, I would conduct a little interview with her:

Me: So, why do you keep going through my cds?

Harper: I don't know.

Me: Do you like music?

Harper: YES! Giggles

Me: Who is your favorite musician, or band?

Harper: Aly and AJ, and Johnny Cash

Me: Really? What's your favorite Johnny Cash song?

Harper: I Walk the Line. Is that candy?

Me: Yes, it's kind of old though.

Harper: Can I have it?

Me: I don't care. This song I'm posting today-you've played it quite a bit. Why?

Harper: I don't know. Can I go outside?

Me: No. It's raining.

Harper: Then, can I go watch tv?

Me: Go ahead. Give me a kiss.

Harper: Kisses

Me: Now, GIT!

Harper: Giggles, leaves

So, there you have it. I'd say my first interviewing job was a ROUSING success. Of course, I also say that purple and orange go well together, and that Dream Warriors was the best entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, so I'm probably not the best judge of these kinds of things.