Saturday, October 21, 2006

Viva Italia

OK, I figured that since Halloween is just around the corner, I would branch out from the many, many films listed under 'public domain' on Google video, and kick things up a notch by using 'horror' as my search term. That was a FANTASTIC idea if you ask me, because right there, on the second page, I found a Dario Argento film-Dario FUCKING Argento (that would be the Italian Master of Horror for those of you who don't follow these kinds of things). The man made Suspiria, which is made up of %99.9999 awesome. This film of his that I'm posting today-1975's Deep Red, aka Profondo Rosso-I have not seen, so I can't gauge it's percentage of awesomeness: it may suck hose water, I don't know. But, I'm willing to give Deep Red-and Dario-the benefit of a doubt, and I WILL watch it sometime this weekend: I'm cool like that.