Sunday, October 29, 2006

On It's Side, It's Infinity

Harper went and turned eight years old today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!), and I had planned to post the entire Spongebob movie for her. For whatever reason, I've decided against that, and have instead opted to post 2 cartoons and a tv sitcom. Harper loves these shows, watches them all the time (I, of course, am unfamiliar with all 3, since I am too mature to be drawn in by such silliness. Did anyone buy that?).

I realize that pretty much all I've posted lately is music and YouTube clips, but things have been pretty hectic around here, what with illness, not just this, but 3 other birthdays, Halloween preparations, and general drama. Once Halloween is over, I should be back to my usual posting habits. No, wait, I'm still planning to blow up Parliament on Guy Fawkes Day, so I'm booked solid til after the 5th...Erm, um, no, no, I should be back to normal after Halloween-forget about that other thing.