Friday, September 22, 2006

Too Much Joy

Before now, I wasn't a fan of Rob Zombie, but after reading this, it has become apparent that he is an angel from heaven, sent down to bring cheer and goodwill to all of mankind. Just look at him-How did I not pick up on that?

Turner Classic Movies is taking a walk on the wild side as it welcomes auteur filmmaker and legendary rocker Rob Zombie as the host of the network's newest weekly movie showcase, TCM UNDERGROUND. The late-night franchise, which will feature off-the-wall movies chosen and introduced by Zombie, is set to launch in October.

Blah, blah, blah: the article goes on for a little while. You can read all of it Here. What I'm frothing at the mouth over, is this schedule. Is this not the greatest line-up of anything that you've ever seen in the history of ever?:

Friday, October 13 2:00 AM Plan 9 from Outer Space (’59)
3:30 AM Bride of the Monster (’55)
Friday, October 20 2:00 AM Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (’65)
3:30 AM Mudhoney (’65)
Friday, October 27 2:00 AM Night of the Living Dead (’68)
3:45 AM The Crazies (’73)
Friday, November 3 2:00 AM Sisters (’73)
Friday, November 10 2:00 AM Electra Glide in Blue (’73)
Friday, November 17 2:00 AM Freaks (’32)
3:15 AM Mark of the Vampire (’35)
Friday, November 24 2:00 AM The Sadist (’63)
3:45 AM Wild Guitar (’62)
Friday, December 1 2:00 AM The Conqueror Worm (’68)
Friday, December 8 2:00 AM The Honeymoon Killers (’70)
Friday, December 15 2:00 AM Deranged (’74)
Friday, December 22 2:00 AM West of Zanzibar (’28)
3:45 AM Unholy Three (’25)
Friday, December 29 2:00 AM Madhouse (’74)
3:45 AM The Last Man on Earth (’64)