Monday, September 11, 2006

Like a Train Wreck

I was over at four four last night, and I saw that Rich, the sitemaster, finally couldn't take it anymore, and uploaded Living Dolls, a movie he is downright obsessed with, onto You Tube.
If you've never heard of it, Living Dolls was a documentary that aired on HBO awhile back. It follows a few hopefuls on the southern child beauty pageant circuit, mainly, 5 year old (at that time) Swan Brooner.
This movie has to be seen to be believed. Christopher Guest wishes he could come up with something like this. Oh my God: the kid's having their hair dyed, 6 year olds being told to flirt with the judges, Swan's bitch of a mother, the gay coaches. Plus, this movie features what has become-literally overnight-my favorite line ever: Said about 5 year old Reed Hale, "His hobbies include playing in the dirt and watching Unsolved Mysteries". You can bet that is going into my interests on my MySpace profile.

I'm including the link to the first part (it's chopped into 9 ten minute segments, you know how You Tube is), and from there you can easily get to the rest of it. Seriously, you have to watch it, but don't watch the first part until you have enough time to devote to all of it: I sat down at midnight last night, thinking I'd watch the first 10 minutes to see what the fuss was about, and ended up watching the entire thing straight through.

Living Dolls on YouTube