Thursday, September 14, 2006

RIP Ann Richards

I hate most politicians. Key word being "most", because I liked Ann Richards, and was actually saddened by news of her death yesterday at the age of 73. She was a tough, smart lady, and most importantly, she had a fantastic sense of humor (as evidenced by her King of the Hill guest appearance, where she had a fling with Bill). My own father, a staunch republican-he THINKS he is, anyway-could never think of anything negative to say about her, other than she was a recovering alcoholic (Yes, Dad, and your president is a recovering cokehead-what's your point?). She was only the second female governor of Texas, and she opened many doors for women and minorities, which, as much as it endeared her to some, it's also probably what cost her the job to the aforementioned Cokehead after only serving four years.

Thank you, Ann, for opening the door for my daughter, and let's hope that others don't slam it shut before she's old enough to appreciate it.

Dallas Morning News