Friday, October 31, 2008

Miscellaneous Crapola

Oh HAI! Um...

Forgive me Blogger, it's been eleven days since my last confession post. It's been one of those weeks, you know?

Last Saturday the school had their Fall Festival (AKA "The Artist Formerly Known As the Halloween Carnival Before Some Bitty Apparently Pitched a Fit and They Had to Change it" or TAFKatHCBSBAPaFaTHtCi for short. Or not.) My original intentions were for Harper to go as zombie Marie Antoinette, but there was a change of plans when she decided she didn't want to be the corpsified Dauphine of France, she just wanted to be the regular non-undead Dauphine. Behold:

I still say my way would have been way cooler.

So there was that, some other stuff, I got pneumonia and Harper had her 10th(!) birthday on Weds. We got her that Biscuit dog, the animatronic thingamadoodad. Harper loves it and while I was looking forward to some HI-Larious reactions from the dogs, they failed me. Honestly, this was the best I got:

Thanks Maggie, at least you tried.

That's about it I guess. Well, bye!


Alright, yeah, I have TEH pneumonia. It's not too bad. I'm not even sure that's what it is, but I have had it before and both times it felt exactly like this. I've felt pretty crappy for a week now, and then today I woke up and it felt like Fat Bastard was sitting on my chest. I'm still debating over what I should do about it and my options are kinda limited. I'd go to the doctor, but my lack of insurance is kind of a hindrance. So it goes.

On the upside, if I don't croak before nightfall, I will be enjoying a quiet Halloween at home. I got candy for the little trick or treaters AND-this is the best part-there's a Herschell Gordon Lewis Double Feature on TCM late fri/early sat. My intentions are to get whacked out on Nyquil and have a grand, gory time. If I gotta croak, I'm gonna do it my way. And if I don't happen to expire, I'll try post about the movies some time this weekend. WHOOP!


Kidding. I can barely tell I'm sick at all, it's more like a little tickle than anything.

Happy Halloween, children!

Cough, Cough...