Monday, October 13, 2008

Wrongest Doll Evar

Okay, like, so Harper's sick so I haven't had a chance to watch anything, hence no new movie posts. Fine, that's only partly true. She is sick (as in, she got sick last night and is better today, mostly), but the reason there's been no new posts is because I'm a lazy sack. In my defense, I've never tried to hide the fact that I'm a total slug, so the blame falls on anyone who's expected something more from me. In sum: it's YOUR fault I haven't posted anything, not mine. My logic is a bit peculiar, but it works for me. You'll accept it and by god you'll like it.

I've taken time out of our iCarly marathon (Harper likes it, not me. I've never watched it voluntarily or anything...Who are you to judge me?) to give you a semi-spooky post. "Spooky" may be overstating things but it's definitely creepy and just plain odd. Dolls that use the terlet are weird enough, but this one is in a league by itself.