Saturday, October 07, 2006

It Dulls the Senses

It's almost 1 am and I'm awake. I just got through watching Silent Hill, plus my daughter's blood sugar is a little low, and I've got to keep an eye on her, so I figured I'd go ahead and post the Saturday movie.

How was Silent Hill? Hmm..You know what? I think I liked it. The dialogue wasn't the best, nor the acting. They could have done away with the subplot about the dad looking for his wife and daughter. The ending flat-out reeked. It was too long. It was based on a video game that I've never played, plus movies adapted from video games aren't known for their non-suckage. And still, I liked it. Go Figure.

Speaking of movies I like (you see what I did there?), how much do I adore today's feature presentation? The first time I saw this, at age 15, I had just watched The Shining, and I was completely unnerved. This came on right after, and by the end, I was my normal, happy-go-lucky self. Okay, so I've NEVER been happy-go-lucky. How about, "By the time the movie was over, I no longer was afraid my father was going to snap, chase us through a maze, and try to kill us all with an axe"? That'll do.

BTW:That little Shining anecdote? That's your hint this week. See? The story works on two levels.