Friday, October 13, 2006

Depeche Mode-"Halo"

I am having an off day.
I got no sleep last night (that's bad), but my morning was free, so I was able to get a little nap (that's good). This afternoon, I had to take Harper down the street so she could see the homecoming parade (that's good). The parade gave me a headache (that's bad), and she spent the entire time playing with the other kids (that's good). Thankfully, since I have no life to speak of (that's bad), I have nothing to do tonight but sit around the house and laze about (that's good). The house is also cursed (that's bad).

Is there a point to this boring story? Yep:this is probably going to be the only thing I post today. You have my sincerest apologies...Ok, so they're not all that sincere...Ok, so I'm not sorry at all-don't put me on the spot like that.