Friday, October 06, 2006

Damn the Radio

Today I made the mistake of listening to the radio. Why was that a mistake? I'll tell you why: it was a mistake, because when I tuned in, they were playing NOTHING but 80s music. I will admit, that I enjoy a little 80s music from time to time. The problem lies in the fact that a good portion of it has a tendency to get lodged in your head, and won't go away for several days. I have three, count 'em, THREE songs on a continuous loop at this moment, just sort of alternating with each other. Like a medley, if you will. I'm going to have to get a lobotomy before the weekend's over.

Listen to these 3 songs, and perhaps through some sort of audio symbiosis, they will leave me, and get stuck in your head. Don't say I never gave you nothin'.