Sunday, October 22, 2006


Since it's sunday, and I tend to get bored on sundays, I've decided to switch my blog to Blogger Beta. What that means is, I'm going to be, well, NOT posting anything else today. I'll be too busy tweaking things, re-doing other things, and cursing Blogger when it all turns to shit and I have to throw it all away and start fresh (I am saving a back-up, BACK-UP copy of my template just in case).

As with most of my posts that don't really say anything, I'm including a little music, in this case, I'm posting 4 songs I like that have 'Black' in the title. That seems both oddly specific, and oddly random, but that's how I roll, baby.

Honorable mentions in the "Songs With 'Black' in the Title" awards go to: Fell on Black Days by Soundgarden, Black Dove by Tori Amos, Black Betty by Ram Jam, The Man in the Long Black Coat by Joan Osborne and of course, Black Boys from the hippie musical extravaganza 'Hair'.

(Update: Blogger Beta sucks ass. It doth verily suck ass, and if you're thinking of switching to it, I have one word for you: Fucking DON'T! So that's 2 words-I still got my point across.)