Sunday, March 25, 2007

Watch Out For Snakes.

I was going to post my usual little sunday music thingamabob today, but I just wasn't in the mood. You know, I have to go and pick 5 or 6 different songs, pick out some purty colors for the players, and then drag all of it back here, not to mention choosing a cool picture to complete the experience. Pah, I'm TIRED! I don't have time for all of that mess today, so instead, I'm returning to my roots and presenting a film.

Now, due to some recent-ish misadventures in movie posting, I've decided on a public domain flick, because I'm sick of posting stuff, and then lo and behold, it gets removed a day later. It agitates me, and being the type of person I am, it makes me feel a little guilty. Not guilty because I posted copyrighted material-hell, I didn't upload "insert-movie/tv-show-title-here", but because I feel somehow responsible for those videos being removed, and that means that other people don't get to see it. One day I will post a long-winded schpiel on how people need to stop getting their panties in a wad over sites like YouTube, but as I said, I'M TIRED.

And I digress. Today, I am posting one of my top 5 worst films ever made, "Eegah!" (or part of Eegah, but you aren't missing anything by not seeing the whole thing, trust me.) Eegah was featured on MST3k many moons ago, and it was hilarious of course. I'd much rather post that version, but, well, you know...But even on it's own, it's...Okay, it sucks, it sucks bad, but it's a good kind of suck, and I'm kind of fond of it, although it's not on a par with say, Reefer Madness, it's got it's charm...Okay, I lied, it has no charm, it's bad, it's very, very bad. What do you want from me, huh? Just watch the damned thing. Christ.