Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dumb Blonde

I have two dogs. There's Pepper, the light of my life, my canine pride and joy, and then there's....Lily.

Oh, when we got Lily, she was exactly 6 weeks old. So cute. Harper had gone to the grocery store with my dad, and some people were giving away puppies in the parking lot. Harper comes home all excited-she REALLY wanted one of these dogs. Normally, when she sees some random animal and decides that she simply MUST HAVE IT, I say no, and believe me, I say no A LOT. But this time, she was absolutely overcome with emotion, and at that time, she was keeping her behavior in check.

So, we go BACK to the store, and I'm confronted with a pack of excruciatingly adorable yellow lab mixes. Up until that point, I was still unconvinced that I should take on another animal to raise (at that time-april of last year-we were in possession of one dog, Pepper; a turtle, John; and the world's largest chicken, cleverly named Chickadee. John and Chickadee are no longer with us.) Despite all my bluster and my savagely cool demeanor (what?), I am a gigantic softie deep down, and I relented. She makes her pick (the only thing I told her, was that it HAD to be a female), and we go home with a fat, fluffball that she dubs Lily.

And all was good. For awhile. Lily was was a well-behaved puppy for the most part. Sure, she crapped in the floor, peed on my bed, and chewed my belongings, but she was obscenely goodnatured, and it bears repeating, PAINFULLY cute.

Cut to almost a year later-she's STILL taking MUCH LARGER dumps upon my floor, she's stopped peeing on my bed, but instead manages to takes squirts in obscure parts of the house (and I still manage to step in them), and on occasion, chows down on my furniture, and now she's tall enough to root in the garbage. She's still rocking the winning personality, to a degree, only she's not as cute anymore.

Yesterday, I got about 4 rolls of film developed(No, there were none of me), and after going through all of the pictures, I found one solitary photo of the canine in question. It's not a good one, but since I posted Pepper's saucy centerfoldesque pic way back when I started this blog, I thought I'd give equal time to her sister. She's big, she's dumb, she's destructive, she enrages me at least twice a day, but I still love her...Most of the time.

Now presenting, Lily: