Monday, August 28, 2006

Scary Study of the Week

I will admit straight off the bat, that I don't 'get' the whole MySpace 'thing' (MySpace culture, maybe? Sure, that'll work). I signed up for one once so I could see a friends photos, but I promptly forgot about it and I've never added anything to my little page thingamajigger. However, taking into account my MySpace ignorance (Read: ambivalence), my common sense still dictates that, perhaps, just PERHAPS, if this kind of thing is THAT much of an issue, then there seems to be a much bigger problem at work than just MySpace:

Tampa, Florida - Researchers at The University of South Florida want to study whether popular web sites like MySpace that have memorials and farewells to dead members prompt them to commit suicide.
Doctor Ilene Berson and a USF faculty team are seeking funding to study whether social networking web sites create a suicide contagion effect.
The popularity of MySpace has given rise to The site archives profiles of deceased MySpace members.
Berson says adults get concerned when a young person who kills themselves is highlighted in a newspaper or web site because they worry other kids will hear about it and relate with that young person, especially if everyone is saying all these wonderful things.