Monday, October 15, 2007

They're All Gonna Laugh at You

My final Stephen King movie (unless I get a wild hair and decide to do another one) is:

1976's Carrie

Starring: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, William Katt, Betty Buckley, Nancy Allen, John Travolta and P.J. Soles. Directed by Brian DePalma.

The dealio: A mousy and abused girl with telekinetic powers gets pushed too far on one special night.

Type of horror: Supernatural

Yes? No? Maybe? I don't know?: It's a good movie, but not one of my favorites.

Scary?: I have to say that the ending is one of the greatest "OMGWTF!?" moments in the history of horror films. I won't give it away for the 3 people on Earth who haven't seen it, but yes, it made me jump. Piper Laurie was pretty horrifying as Carrie's mother, too (I ain't down with crazy religious folks), but taken as a whole, the movie ended up depressing me more than it scared me.

Highlights: Damn near everything about this movie has covered ad nauseum in the past 31 years-the Prom scene, the bit in the locker room, the 'dirty pillows', etc.-and I have nothing to add to that. All I have left to say is that Sissy Spacek was rilly, rilly good in this movie. I'm probably biased, but I don't care: she was wicked awesome.

Where?: Here