Wednesday, October 03, 2007

'Capital F, E, Little L, LA, TIO'

In case you hadn't noticed, the glorious month of October is here. October is probably my favorite month: my mom and my daughter both made their entrances into the world in October; it finally starts to get cool outside; and most importantly, Halloween is in October.

I bitch and gripe when I see stores dragging out their Christmas stuff 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, but I don't have this problem when I see the same stores displaying costumes and candy in the middle of September. I LOVE Halloween, you see, and one of the reasons I love Halloween is because you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a horror movie on TV during the entire month of October. (Worst. Metaphor. Ever.)

I like horror movies a whole lot, and I figured that I could do some posts relating to that all during the month of October. I pondered watching a horror movie a day, and then posting about it, but amazingly enough, some days I don't feel like watching anything, so I quashed that idea rather than set myself up for failure. Also, more often than not, I tend to ramble when I talk about something I've just seen, and I don't have the time or energy lately to devote to a daily, long-winded shpiel.

So, what I have decided to do is this: For the rest of the month, I will post some basic info about various horror movies that I've seen over the years, both good and bad. I will TRY to do this on a daily basis, but I make no promises. Even if it's not daily, I figure I can at least get about 4-5 new posts up a week during this time, so the blog will be updated more often than it has been in the last several months. Yay.

First up:

1974's Black Christmas

Starring:Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, John Saxon and Andrea Martin.

Whazzit about: A Canadian sorority house prepares for the Christmas break. An unseen psychopath sneaks into the attic, menacing the girls with obscene phone calls, and starts to kill them one by one.

Type of horror:

  • Slasher

  • Good? Bad?: Excellent. Well-acted, well-written, creepy-as-fuck, and also rather innocent for a slasher movie (translation: no boobies. Not that I have anything against boobies.)

    Is it scary?: Yah. It's not all-out mayhem, but it's got atmosphere out the wazoo. Plus you never actually see the killer's face, which heightens the aforementioned 'creepy-as-fuck' factor.

    Highlights: Margot Kidder as foul-mouthed, drunken sorority sister Barb. Bless her heart, you just want to keep her in your purse so you can whip her out at parties.

    Um, like, if I wanted to see this movie, like, where could I, you know, find it?
  • Here

  • Warning: If you decide to see Black Christmas, make sure it's the 1974 version, and not the 2006 version starring Michelle "Dawn" Trachtenberg. That movie couldn't have stunk more if someone had rubbed a turd all over the film stock. Blech.