Sunday, June 11, 2006

Movie Sign

Yeah, like no one saw this coming. How much do I love Mystery Science Theater 3000? Words cannot describe it. I hadn't watched it in a long time, but SOMEONE *Ahem* got me hooked again. I first discovered this way back in about 1993 on the day we got our big, honkin' satellite dish. My first episode was "The Amazing Colossal Man". My first thought when I saw it, was "WTF IS this?" but by the end, I knew I had to have more.

The premise is simple: a guy (My IDOL, Joel Hodgson, and later, Mike Nelson, also awesome) gets shot into space by his evil bosses as part of an experiment to see how a person handles being subjected to awful movies. He builds 3 robots to keep him company, and 2 of them-Crow and Tom Servo-suffer through the films with him.
How DOES he handle suffering through the likes of Eegah!, Zombie Nightmare and my 2 favorites, Mitchell and Manos: The Hands of Fate? By unleashing a barrage of jokes, quips and pop culture references that will have you pissing your pants in unabashed glee.

Sadly, the show was canceled after 10(11 if you count the 1st season on Minneapolis UHF channel KTMA) seasons, but there are several episodes on DVD. Youtube has a few full episodes (most are cut into 10 part increments) that you can check out. Since I'm SUCH a nice person, I've included a few Google Video links to some of the shorts. Watch them, because I am physically and mentally unable to do this show the justice it deserves.

A film about dating your family. Yes, you read that right.

Body Care and Grooming. "And remember, when you touch yourselves, the saints cry".

Mr B. Natural. One of the most infamous MST shorts. It features a bizzare, androgynous woman harrassing a small boy.