Friday, December 05, 2008

Photo of the Day

OJ Simpson Gets at Least 15 Years in Prison

I'm not gonna ramble on and on about this-I don't care about OJ Simpson, he can rot in hell for all I care. But I have to say, I'm amazed and somewhat disheartened at how tickled everyone is over this. I get why they're happy: the abusive jackhole killed 2 people and got away with it, now we get our revenge. Yay, let's all hold hands and burn our Naked Gun DVDs.

I'm all for revenge, but I have a bit of an issue with subverting the legal system to procure it. Yes, he was involved in a robbery and that's very, very bad, but he didn't get 15 years in prison for THIS, he got it for THAT, and that ain't cool-no one gets 15 years for a robbery where no one got hurt. Let me reiterate: I think OJ Simpson is a murderous, lying stank weasel, if he gets repeatedly butt-raped in prison, I'll do Numfar's Dance of Joy. He's not important here and that's the point: he's not worth pissing all over the law just to satisfy our collective vengeance boner.

What happened today was not good. What's worse is no one seems to realize it or -more importantly- care.