Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Brood

I saw this picture on Gallery of the Absurd, and it is simultaneously cracking me up/ creeping me out.

If you are unfamiliar with the subjects of this image, it's The Duggar Family, who have acquired a bit of fame due to the fact that they will NOT stop having kids. In fact, they recently added a 19TH MEMBER to their already painfully huge family.

It's none of my business if people want to have a bunch of kids, obviously (and in fact, I've got a few friends who have big families), and I generally don't judge people for stuff like that, it's just their REASONING that gets me. See, the Duggars are a part of the Quiverfull Movement, which is made up of people who believe things like this:

Quiverfull's principal authors and its adherents also describe their motivation as a missionary effort to raise up many Christian children to affect the world for the cause of the Christian religion.

Now THAT, that bothers me. Again, I figure that people can believe anything they want, as long as they let me believe what I want, and everything's fine. The problem there is that it's people like THIS that, more often than not, do their damnedest to try and get EVERYONE ELSE to buy what they're selling (it is an Evangelical movement after all), and think that people who don't believe what they believe are somehow lesser than they are that give me the creeps.

And they're having oodles and oodles of kids so they can pass their beliefs on to them, and then some of their kids will have a bunch of kids, and then THEIRS and so on and so on infinity. Beware.

So, yeah, these people give me the screaming heebies jeebies. But that picture sho is funny.