Thursday, November 16, 2006

Harper's Bizarre

My youngin' has made two rather diverse musical discoveries this week, and it's kind of a "Good news/Bad news" situation.

The good news:

I am very, VERY pleased with this as you can imagine.

The not-so-good news:


I like Prince. I really do, in fact if I didn't, I wouldn't have this CD. But I must say, when Harper put this on, and I realized what it was, my butt cheeks clenched together, and I had an insta-flashback to when I was the very same age as Harper.

I remember pitching a fit for my mom to buy me the Purple Rain soundtrack. She finally relented, and I listened to it almost every day. Imagine my 8 year old shock and surprise, when one day, for no reason that I knew of, she snatched it away from me and wouldn't tell me why. How was I supposed to know? I was EIGHT, for Christ's sake-I didn't know what in hell that woman was doing in that lobby with the magazine, or what kind of devices she had at her castle. I guess that was the real reason she took the tape away from me: she didn't want to have to explain it to me.

Now that I'm in the same position, I feel her pain to a degree, and thankfully, Harper seems content to only play the same song over and over again, and isn't in any hurry to explore the rest of the CD.