Saturday, November 04, 2006


I had a really cool saturday movie post planned. I tried working on it for an hour, tried many different tactics, and YouTube wasn't havin' none of that. I finally gave up, and I was going to post an MST3k episode, Attack of the Eye Creatures. Well, Google video doesn't HAVE AotEC anymore. When you take all this into consideration, is it any wonder that I'm just not feeling too gung ho about this post? I ended up just closing my eyes and clicking on a GV link I had saved in my favorites. I clicked it, and quickly hit the 'post to blog' and 'embed html' buttons, copied the code and then came here.

I have no fricking idea what I'm posting. I'm not being coy or mysterious-I honestly do not know. It could be something I haven't posted, it could be something I HAVE posted, or it could be something else besides a movie. I'll be as surprised as you are.

So enjoy this......Uh...Thingie.