Thursday, May 31, 2007


Every year it seems, there's a commercial that comes out that irritates me so much, that I come close to pulling an Elvis and shooting my television set. Walker, Texas Ranger reruns have a similar effect on me, but they're easily avoidable (you would think.) God, I just hate Chuck Norris, the stupid idiot. Fer Chrissakes, what made this moron go into acting? It's just painful to witness, and don't get me started on how much I hate him as a human being...

Oops, I digress.

The clear winner for 2007's (you say the year's not even half over? Shut the fuck up!) most annoyingestest commercial has to go to Starburst, and their weird little fey man. It's 30 seconds of pure hell, and it's ALWAYS ON. Every single commercial break, there it is, and it's starting to give me a rash. If you've managed to avoid it, good for you. I haven't been so lucky, and I'm a petty, angry person, so I'm posting it here, and demanding that everyone watch it.