Friday, October 05, 2007

If You Can't Find a Friend, Make One

By request:

2002's May

Starring: Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto and Anna Faris

What's the deal?: A lonely young woman who was traumatized by a difficult childhood desperately attempts to connect with the people around her.

Horror type:

  • Psychological

  • Didja like it?: Yes, I liked it a lot, but not at first. I've seen it twice, and the first time I watched it I came very close to turning it off before it was even half over. I didn't have any issues with the overall quality of the movie-the performances are good, decent story, etc-it's a nifty little flick. My problem with the movie had more to do with me than anything: the character of May was so horribly socially awkward that it made me cringe, and it was painful to watch her interact with the other characters. I hate feeling embarrassed for another person about as much as I hate being embarrassed for myself, and May made me feel mortified on her behalf times 10.

    Scary?: No. The ending is a bit on the disturbing side, but it wasn't scary.

    Highlights: 'Member how I said the ending was kinda disturbing? That. And Angela Bettis did an amazing job as May, regardless of how uncomfortable she made ME feel.

    Can I haz it?: You can find it
  • Here

  • And not that I condone such a thing, but someone has the whole movie uploaded onto YouTube, so you can hunt it down there if you like. I ain't linking it, though. Damn the copyright Nazis, they ruin everything.