Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Sho is Ugly

A little change o' pace today:

1985's 'The Color Purple'

Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey and Margaret Avery. Directed by Steven Speilberg.

Genre: drama

Plot: "How long is Celie gonna put up with that asshole?"

Sister, sister: I've seen this movie a grand total of one time. About three years ago, I was with a group of women you'd think wouldn't be affected by such a thing and all of 'em, including myself, were bawling like big fat babies by the end. It's a very emotionally strong film, mostly because of Whoopi Goldberg. She's so damn cute you just want to drag her home with you and feed her a pot of stew and cover her up with a big blanket. She's less cute by the time she picks up with Oprah and almost cuts her lousy husband's throat, but you want her to kill him, so that's kinda cute too.

However, the movie would be nothing-NOTHING-without Shug Avery, the juke joint singer who befriends Celie after having an affair with her no-good husband. Again, I've only seen it once, but there's two scenes that stand out vividly in my head, both involving Shug. The first one is a scene where Shug sings a song to Celie in the bar. The look on Celie's face throughout the whole thing is priceless.

The second scene deals with Shug and her father, a preacher who has disowned her. Shug's father is raising the daughter that Shug had out of wedlock, and she's the soloist in the church choir. She and the choir are singing a song in a packed church one afternoon while Shug and her friends are outside having a party not far away and Well.. I started bawling while LISTENING to the YouTube clip. I'm such a baby.

Where are they now?:

Whoopi Goldberg has been reduced to doing battle with that pinch-faced republican woman on "The View".

Danny Glover has five movies in the works. I thought maybe he was "getting too old for this shit" but apparently I was mistaken.

Oprah is, well, Oprah. If you've managed to go this long without knowing what she's up to, I'm sure not gonna be the one to tell you.

Margaret Avery was in "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns" which I have not seen. I can't abide more than two minutes of Madea. Perhaps I'M getting too old for this shit.

You can get it Here.