Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today's movie:

1987's 'Mannequin'

Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty, James Spader, G.W. Bailey and Meshach Taylor.

Genre: Comedy

Plot: Creepy window dresser falls in love with...I just can't. Read the title, look at the picture-you can figure it out.

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim Cattrall: This wasn't what I had planned to post about. Last week, I started a post about 'Poltergeist'. While I was writing it, I decided I wanted to see it again, because it had been awhile. Since I decided to watch it, I figured I'd wait until after I saw it to do the post. Then I ended up not watching it. I had some free time this evening, saw that 'Mannequin' was on cable and DID end up watching THAT. My priorities are all kinds of screwy.

So anyway, 'Mannequin'. I hadn't seen it since I was about twelve years old and at that time, I thought it was funny. Stupid, but funny. After I got a little older, I decided that it was utter crap and I must have been half retarded for thinking anything about it was entertaining. After watching it now I, well, how can I put this delicately so that I don't look like a complete simpleton...

I didn't not NOT hate it.

Unless I fall off the wagon and into a bottle of Vicodin, I will never say that it's a good movie. But maybe it was watching Andrew McCarty make out with an inanimate object that had more life in its eyes than he does. Maybe it was James Spader trying to play for broad laughs. Perhaps it was Meshach Taylor playing one of the biggest gay caricatures in film history. Or it may very well have been a nostalgic fever brought on by seeing a replica of a late 80s department store, complete with crappy clothes and an overabundance of pink neon lights. Whatever it was, I managed to control the urge to lunge for the remote, and when you're talking about a movie like this, that's like high praise.

Before I forget, I have to mention Kim Cattrall. I want to hate Kim Cattrall. I should hate her, but not only do I not hate her, I really, really like her. The reason I should hate her is because I'm programed to hate women like her. Since practically the beginning of her career, she's had this sex-starved nympho persona that carried over into her public image during Sex and the City's heyday. That kind of thing just annoys the devil out of me. I'm not a prude or one of them there catty bitches, I'm just a straight chick. I don't see other women sexually (Usually), so for me to like another woman I need to know they have something more to them than the fact that they really like to screw. Kim just blows my whole mindset out of the water, though. I hate her for making me not hate her. And I hate her for making me like her in Mannequin.

Where are they now?:

Andrew M. and James S. have been covered. Which leaves..

Kim Cattrall is in an animated tv show in the works called 'Producing Parker'.

Estelle Getty retired from acting in 2000 after being misdiagnosed with both Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. She was later correctly diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia which has characteristics of both diseases. UPDATE: Estelle passed away today at the age of 84. RIP Ma.

G.W. Bailey plays Lt. Provenza on 'The Closer', which is actually not that bad of a show.

Meshach Taylor recently completed one film-'Tranced'-and has another-'Hyenas'-in post-production.