Monday, June 25, 2007

Bu-Bu-But Number 10!

2 things dawned on me after reading the results of this poll. 1, I had never actually heard that James Blunt song all the way through. I hunted it down, and, uh, well, it's not THE most annoying song I've ever heard, but it's not my cup of tea either (9 and 10 though, oh the pain). And 2, I haven't posted anything list related in a long, long time. Let's rectify that right now:

SOPPY ballad You’re Beautiful by JAMES BLUNT has been voted the most irritating song of all time.

The single was No1 in 11 countries in 2005, including five weeks in Britain.

Second in the poll to find the song that grates most was Axel F by CRAZY FROG, which was No1 in 13 countries.

Next was Mmm Bop by HANSON, top of the UK charts for three weeks in 1997.

John Sewell, of market researchers, said: “James Blunt isn’t the obvious choice, but any song that is at No1 for so long does start to get annoying.”

The most recent song was this year’s Grace Kelly by MIKA and the oldest was LULU’s Shout (1964).

TOP 10:

1. You’re Beautiful — James Blunt. 2. Axel F — Crazy Frog. 3. Mmm Bop — Hanson. 4. Mr Blobby — Mr Blobby. 5. Birdie Song — The Tweets. 6. Shout — Lulu. 7. Agadoo — Black Lace. 8. Grace Kelly — Mika. 9. My Heart Will Go On — Celine Dion. 10. La Macarena — Los Del Rio.

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