Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why Don't You Call Me Some Time When You Have No Class?

Today's movie is:

1986' "Back To School"

Starring-Rodney Dangerfield, Sally Kellerman, Burt Young, Keith Gordon, Robert Downey Jr., Paxton Whitehead, Terry Farrell and William Zabka.


Plot-Crazy old guy goes to college so he can help his nerdy student son.

That'll learn ya-I never cared for Rodney Dangerfield, but I've always liked this movie. When I was younger, it was because I had a crush on Keith Gordon (the first in a long line of nerd crushes) and I was transfixed by Robert Downey Jr.'s Hair. Plus it was just really stupid and funny and it had William Zabka in it, the gold standard in 80s film douchebags.

As I've gotten older, I still appreciate the sames things I liked about it as a child. Of course now when I watch it, my favorite thing is something that went over my head back then:

Excuse me while I have a massive nerdgasm.

Where are they now?:

Rodney Dangerfield is now lacking respect in the afterlife, since 2004.

Sally Kellerman occasionally acts, but mostly seems to do voice-over work, which she's really suited to. God, I wish I had her voice.

Burt Young has a couple of movies in the works. I used to like him until he played a rapist on a particularly grisly Law and Order episode. I don't care that he's not actually a rapist himself, I can't get past it and he totally creeps me out now. Sorry Burt.

Keith Gordon is directing these days. He's also bald, which I didn't know til today.

Robert Downey Jr. seems to be doing allright for himself. Two movies in post-production and "Tropic Thunder" (you know, the one where he's black) comes out on the 13th.

Paxton Whitehead sometimes pops up on the teevee, but apparently has a very healthy career on the stage.

Terry Farrell retired from acting in 2003 and is now a full-time stay at home mother.

William Zabka still acts and was nominated for an Oscar a few years back for a short film he wrote and produced. Whatevs. "SWEEP THE LEG, JOHNNY!"

You can get it Here