Friday, September 14, 2007


I wasn't going to post anything relating to the Britney Spears VMA performance, but this little tidbit has me perplexed:

An Emmy Awards show source told that Fox is “in negotiations” with Britney Spears to make an appearance on Sunday’s telecast. “The idea is to have her come on and apologize for the VMAs,” the source reportedly said. “She’s weighing the offer.” A source close to Spears reportedly told US, “I can’t say this is 100 percent not true...[but] if she is doing anything for the Emmys then it’s not going through the official channels.”

Apologize? For what? Don't get me wrong-I saw that pitiful display the night it aired, and I'm not saying it was good in any way, shape or form-she acted high, she looked dumpy, and Oh mah Gawd, her HAIR. But it's not like she came out and dropped a deuce on the stage, she just didn't put on a good show. Have people gotten so sensitive that they have to be compensated for witnessing 4 minutes of mediocrity?

There's no chance in hell that Britney can gain my respect at this point: I figure her best bet is to disappear for about 10 years and make her comeback by appearing in a John Waters movie, then MAYBE I'll give her a chance. However if she apologizes for the VMAs, in my eyes, she will have blown it for good. Embrace your suckitude, Britney-it's all you have left to hold on to now.

Oh, and if you want to apologize for something, say you're sorry for getting out of cars while not wearing any underwear-that's just uncalled for and I REALLY don't need to see that THING again.