Saturday, December 09, 2006


Very short, 10 minute Saturday movie today. I think that until Christmas, I will post nothing but holiday-related clips on saturdays, because although I have a nasty habit of bitching about Christmas and everything that it entails, in reality I love it. I guess I'm just a big kid, because the lights, the decorations, the movies, the presents, the good cheer, Santy Claus-I dig all that shit. Don't tell nobody.

I know that you're looking at the still thinking "I know what it is, so I'm not going to watch it." Well, you couldn't be more....Half wrong. It is that, but only visually. The voices are those of the cast of Scrubs, and they do not adhere to the original script. I think I've only ever seen maybe one episode of Scrubs, but after this, I may have to add it to my tv viewing schedule. I probably won't, but this clip is still very cute. Give it a chance, won't you? Thank you and good day.