Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Jenner!

A little over a year ago, I found out my parents were huge liars. Up til that time, I was under the impression that I only had a brother and sister, and that was pretty much that for me as far as siblings are concerned. Imagine my surprise when I come across Jenner, and I realize that I've got a twin sister living up in Canadia Land (and she's an older twin sister, like a whole year older-don't disrupt my momentum here.)

She's as nutty and goofy as I am, she likes MST3k as much as I do (even though she thinks Mike is better than Joel-I never said she wasn't my DERANGED twin sister), oh and we sometimes have a frightening habit of thinking and saying the same shit (due to socially accepted Jinx laws, we now owe each other upwards of 4,271 beers, give or take a few.) She's good people, and I love her to pieces.

I had planned to make something for her, but due to time constraints, I was unable to. So instead, I'm just going to post some songs for her (she's a total music whore.)

Happy Birthday Jenner!

And you know the post wouldn't be complete without 'our song':