Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Birthday IS Coming Up, After All

I don't often post about my most obsessive obsessions on here (yeah, I don't know why. Who cares?), but I had to make a note of this. I'd kill to get my hands on Stephen's cast (preferably with him in it, but that's a whole other post), and realistically the only way it would be close to financially feasible for me to get it WOULD be to hire myself out as a hitwoman. Or I could give prostitution a go, but killing people for cash sounds much more appealing to me. Shocking, I know.

Hey Nation! Stephen Colbert is auctioning off his cast for charity. Get ready to start placing your bids on the cast signed by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Katie Couric, Bill O’Reilly, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Russert, Tony Snow and Brian Williams. The celebrity-signed cast (photo available upon request) will be posted on the eBay auction block after Thursday night's show on August 23 with bids being accepted through Monday, September 3. The winning bid will be announced on-air the week of September 10 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund....

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