Friday, March 30, 2007

Harper's Bizarre

Bit of a mini update..

Awhile back, I posted about Harper's school telling me to consider taking her to a psychologist to get tested, due to her behavior, and problems focusing on her studies. Weeeeeellll, today was her first appointment, and although I was extremely nervous, it went pretty well, and the doctor didn't say anything I didn't know already. He thinks that she exhibits signs of ADHD, but he's not willing to make a diagnosis until she's tested, which will be done in 2 weeks or so. There's more to all of it than that-nothing major-but I feel uncomfortable laying it all out in a blog post. As it is, I'm just glad the first appointment is over, and hopefully, with that tension out of the way, I'll be able to quit grinding my teeth while I sleep (my jaw HOITS, man.)

A song seems kinda superfluous, but I haven't done a Harper's Bizarre in a while, so I'll just slap this baby up there. I have no idea why she likes this song, but she does. I USED to like it, until every tv show and teen movie made from 1996 to 2000 included it on their soundtrack. It's still a good song, but I can't hear it now without thinking of Buffy and Angel dancing at the prom, after he was all "No, I can't take you, I used to be all evil, and now I gotta brood, blah-dy, blah-dy, blah" and she was all "But Angel, I looooove you, I don't care that you used to kill people and torture puppies. I don't care that we can't have sex because if we do, you'll get all evil and funny and not-whiny and start wearing leather pants again-we belong together. WAAAAH!" but then he showed up in a tux and stuff after Buffy got that sweet 'Class Protecter' umbrella and they danced and they were all happy and everything until the next episode, when Faith and the Mayor...

Oops, I went off on a little Buffy tangent. Sorry, sorry, it won't happen again.

Yeah, right...