Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I had a particularly insidious bout of insomnia last night. You know, one of those types where you're wild-eyed and madly alert, until about 6am, and then you get reaaaaallly sleepy, but by then it's too late to go to sleep, since you'll have to get up in an hour ANYWAY so you can get the youngin' off to school, so you basically have to hold a cigarette lighter under your hand to keep from keeling over? You know the type? Yeah, like THAT.

In any case, being the responsible and productive adult that I am, I pretty much squandered those golden hours of silence and solitude, and spent most of the night playing video games and farting around on the internet. During the course of my 'travels', I came across this Here. What THAT is, is the Random LiveJournal Picture Generator, which is pretty much what the name implies: a (mostly) random sampling of photos and images found on the various sites hosted by LiveJournal.

There's nothing fancy at work here: it's about 100 images of pretty much everything imaginable, you hit refresh, and you get 100 more. It's just a bunch of pictures-cool, sad, funny, weird, pervy, etc.-but whether it's just the fact that I've had no sleep, or it's got something to do with a curiousity about the nature of humanity and the bizarre things that interest them that I'm too tired to ponder very intensely, I found the whole thing rilly, rilly cool.

Anyhow, before I start sobbing due to sleep deprevation, I'll share a couple of things that jumped out at me-I live to give, I'm a giver:

PS-Some of the images on the site-since they're random and all-are NSFW. Just a heads-up.